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parents and children


Information for parents and children

Your child might be preparing to take one of our exams, or want to improve their English language skills. To help you, we have lots of support for parents and children, of all ages and English levels.

Together, we can help your child learn English and open the door to a lifetime of opportunities.

Support your child’s future with a Cambridge English Qualification

Our qualifications and learning materials are carefully designed for school-aged children. They are full of enjoyable topics and will help your child develop their skills and confidence. 

Find out more about our qualifications

Your child’s path to learning English, step by step

We have everything you need to support your child, from practising English in fun ways, to preparing kids for their exams, and much more.

  1. Learning activities to do with your child
    Find free online and printable English activities for pre-schoolers to teenagers, to help your child learn English at home.
    Learning activities
  2. Using your child’s interests to practise English
    Find out how to learn English through play, English stories, games, songs, videos and more.
    Your child’s interests
  3. English games and social media
    Discover our fun games for pre-schoolers, kids and teens, all created by our experts, and join our social communities.
    English games and social media
  4. How to support your child
    Read our articles and find the best ways to support kids and teens learning English.
    How to support your child
  5. Top tips for exam day
    Get prepared for exam day and ways to support your child with our top tips and expert advice.
    Top tips for exam day
  6. After the exam
    Understand your child’s results, what they can do with their qualification and what’s next.
    After the exam

What’s next on your child’s English journey?

We work in over 130 countries around the world, so no matter where you are, together we can help your child learn English. Find out what you can do next.

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